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The dream to travel around the world

Most of you must have been using your passport through the door of immigration desk then fly to overseas. If you 'vet never been on holiday abroad, then what city or the beautiful beach of your dreams in your life? Maybe you are bored with city life and depressed with work or business. You definitely need a change of atmosphere to calm your nerves, and want to get rid of all the routines, which have suppressed your life this year.

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A beautiful Hindu temple in Bedugul, Bali. Image:
Have you thought about where you would go? If you do not have an idea about the beautiful places you can imagine, then I give advice based on the continent is often a destination for a vacation. Europe has many beautiful towns and charming as Prague, Budapest, Rome, and of course Paris. Asian continent also has unique and exotic places like Tibet; Jeju Island in South Korea, Angkor Wat, and it is definitely the island of Bali, the world's last paradise.

Africa also saves a lot of interesting places with natural beauty and wildness of the forest, mountain and savanna. You can adventure and safari in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa or Morocco. If you want exotic places in Latin America, you can visit Argentina, Columbia, Peru, and Rio de Janeiro to watch the Football World Cup from June - July 2014, the holiday will certainly be nuanced greatest sport in this century.

The United States also has the beautiful towns that much coveted tourists as New York is famous for the Statue of Liberty, Florida is famous because it has Disney World, California gathering place for world-class star with major movie studios such as 20th Century Fox, and Warner Brother’s and so on. If you want to visit down under, then Australia is the place.
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Amazing view of a monastery in Tibet. Image:
In contrast to other continents, Australia is the only continent that only has one country. This continent is so vast and diverse natural beauty. 

If you go to Australia you should not miss the Opera House in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and the Great Barrier Reef which is famous for its coral reefs. I probably will not forget the beautiful Bali or New Zealand, a small country in the south of Australia. 

New Zealand is getting famous for being selected as the location for the filming of The Hobbit and the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”. 

Is the adventure to the North Pole, and dive into a hidden paradise like Raja Ampat in Papua, Indonesia, has also become your hidden dreams? Even now you could go on vacation to outer space with the spacecraft, and enjoy floating without gravity, and you can see the beauty of outer space and see our planet from above, which is reported to be very beautiful by the astronauts when viewed from the sky.

By the way, even if you are afraid of flying by plane or sailing with cruise, make sure you go on vacation to a unique and beautiful place in foreign countries, at least once in your life. I am sure you would want to go again because there are many incredible places and stunning cultures in foreign countries.


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