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Historical tours in the Balkans region

Biserica Neagra, Black Church in Brasov. Image:
There are many fascinating towns and beautiful countries that became a major tourist destination in Europe such as Spain, France, Britain or Germany and the Netherlands. However, if you want to enjoy a different atmosphere, the Balkan region also has towns and amazing places to visit. Paris, Madrid, London or Berlin is visited by travelers from all over the world. 

If you are not followers of the main stream, then at various places in the Balkan countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia or Bosnia-Herzegovina also has a variety of very attractive tourist destination.

Perhaps you can start your tour to Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. In this city you can visit Parliament House classic style that was built at the end of 1800s. In the area of Brasov there are churches with Gothic architecture, Biserica Neagra or the Black Church, which has more than 500 years old, and an icon of the largest church in Transylvania.

Kalemegdan Park in Serbia. Image:
Black Church was built by the German community. This church has become a symbol of the history of the famous in Brasov. In the old church you will see the largest organ in Europe with a very beautiful sounds, and the oldest carpet collection from Asia. You will also see the biggest bell in Romania weighing about 6.3 tons.

University of Sofia. Image:
A wonderful tour trips could you continue to Serbia. The country is located in southeastern Europe. Montenegro and Serbia joined in a commonwealth, the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro and Belgrade is the capital of the Commonwealth, where the nation's second commonwealth history takes place from 2003 to 2006.

As with other European countries, you can visit the ethnographic museum, which displays various collections of cultural richness and diversity of the Balkans. You will see a collection of farming equipment, clothing collection, and typical Balkan antique of home appliances. Do not forget for a historic fortress in Belgrade, also Kalemegdan Park, the old city, Skadarska Street, orthodox church, and make sure you to take pictures in Saint Sava Temple.

Mosque of Gazi Husrev begs. Image:
If you are a true fan of the museum, then you need traveled to Bulgaria, as in Sofia, the capital of this country you can visit the National History Museum, which is one of the largest and most comprehensive museum of the history of the Balkan Peninsula. The museum was built in 1973, and opened in 1984. This museum houses about 700 thousands of cultural monuments, which illustrate the history of Bulgaria since 8000 years ago.

If you had the opportunity traveled to Bulgaria, then you should visit the University of Sofia, a most prestigious university built in 1879, a century after Sofia has been named as capital of Bulgaria. Make sure you visit the Rila Monastery in the Rila, which was built in the 14th century monastery is the largest orthodox monastery, and very well known in Bulgaria.

If you have more time, continue your trip to Sarajevo, the largest city and the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina found the Ottomans in 1461. Being in this country like doing a time-travel, especially if you visit the Roman Catholic Cathedral, Orthodox Church and mosque of Gazi Husrev begs, which is the most important Islamic architecture in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This magnificent mosque is an example of the best architecture of the Ottoman period, which was built by Gazi Husrev Beg, a donor who had constructed many important buildings in the old city of Sarajevo.
A beautiful resort in Split, Adriatic Sea. Image:
Remember also to visit a small town called Medjugorje, which is very quiet and peaceful in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This city is famous because it is where the Virgin Mary appeared in 1981. The City of Medjugorje was fit to be a spiritual tour, and you can visit the Church of Saint James, the main church in this fascinating city.

Croatia is the interesting sights in the Balkans that you should not forget to put on the agenda of your tour. While in Croatia, you can explore Dubronik, where your journey will explore the coast. You will see a wonderful view of the wall of the city, and the surrounding. You can do a city tour with a walk around the city that are included in the cultural heritage, which is protected by UNESCO. Similarly Continue your trip to the Franciscan Monastery, which in this monastery there are the oldest pharmacy in Europe, built in 1391, and is still in operation. Remember to visit Split, a beautiful resort town on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.
Diocletian's Palace in Split. Image:

Croatia also has a magnificent palace of the era of the Roman Empire, the Diocletian's Palace which was built in 300 AD in the Gulf Aspalathos. The palace can be found in the middle of the city center, and surrounded by a variety of heritage buildings. UNESCO named this historic place as a cultural heritage. In the area of Diocletian's Palace you will see the Temple of Jupiter, would be a pity if you miss it.

Travelling in Balkans region will be unforgettable memories throughout your life because you will feel the unique sensation of ancient historical era, which combined with the modern era. You can invite your family and your, or your partner for a honeymoon, historical tours or pilgrimages to various old churches. Whatever you dream of a vacation, then a vacation to the Balkans is a very attractive option.


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