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Barack Obama enjoy a wonderful holiday in Bali before meeting with Jokowi

Barack Obama and family enjoy a wonderful holiday in Bali

After retiring as 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama enjoys his life as an ordinary citizen. Obama now has plenty of time for children and families, meeting friends and of course on vacations to the beautiful places of the world. Obama was on holiday to British Virgin Island, and enjoy kitesurfing adventure alongside billionaire Richard Brenson.

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Barack Obama & family. Beautiful sunset in Bali. Image: &
On different occasions Barack Obama also has enjoyed a rare tête-à-tête with Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Montreal. According The duo dined at trendy Liverpool House on Tuesday when the former US president was in town for a speaking engagement. The pair have a storied bromance, which began when Mr Trudeau visited the White House for a state dinner last year. Mr Trudeau, who once called Mr Obama his "sibling", tweeted that they discussed getting young people "to take action in their communities".

Apparently, the Indonesian President Joko Widodo who is more often called Jokowi by the people of Indonesia also invited Obama to visit Indonesia, to chat casually while enjoying lunch at Bogor Palace, West Java. However, before meeting Jokowi, Obama first vacationed to Bali with Michele and their two daughters, Natasha Marian Obama and Malia Ann Obama. Ipar and other members of the Obama family also vacation together to Bali, an island that recently received the highest award as the best island in the world. They stay at a famous hotel in Sayan Village, Ubud, Gianyar regency.

Barack Obama in Bali, Obama holiday in Bali, Jokowi, Bali, holiday in Bali, surfing in Bali, Michel Obama
Kecak Dance in Pura Uluwatu. Image:
Ubud is also famous as the location of the movie Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Roberts. Ubud is indeed a unique small town that has several museums and painting galleries, one of Balinese art and cultural center. This serene city has the beauty of quiet villages, and is perfect for honeymooners, yoga lessons, cooking and painting as well as spiritual activities for anyone who wants peace in soul, mind and body. No wonder if Ubud has been selected as the best city in Asia Pacific.

Barack Obama in Bali, Obama holiday in Bali, Jokowi, Bali, holiday in Bali, surfing in Bali, Michel Obama
Coffee break in Kori Ubud Resort. Image: KS. 
If I know about Obama holidays to Bali, I would suggest Obama and family to stay in a boutique hotel, Kori Ubud Resort & Spa. This hotel is beautiful, in addition to comfortable for families and honeymoon, the hotel has a restaurant that serves a variety of delicious food. Kori Ubud is also my favorite place for afternoon coffee break. But no matter, Obama can take time to enjoy a cup of coffee and Balinese cakes such as Godoh (fried bananas), and other typical cakes. Michele Obama will definitely ask the husband to move to this unique hotel. 

Meet Jokowi
Beautiful rice field in Bali. Image:
Barack Obama and his 6-day family vacation in Bali since June 23, 2017. Obama is reportedly going to visit Tirta Empul which has 21 water showers, where the Balinese people believe the purity of water coming out of the shower will cleanse them from past sins, a better future. Tirta Empul is located in Tampak Siring Village, you will also see a beautiful temple in the waterfall, and the presidential palace of Indonesia. Is Obama also going to the beautiful palace that was founded by Sukarno, the first president of Indonesia, the founding father of Indonesia.

Like when on a British Virgin Island holiday, would Obama also be surfing at Kuta Beach or Pendawa Beach? There are so many interesting tourist destinations on this thousand island island. Together with his family the former president of America is free to visit the museum, watching the spectacular sunset at Pura Tanah Lot. Hopefully the tour guide who brought Obama around Bali also take him to enjoy the culinary tour, watching Kecak Dance at the beautiful Pura Uluwatu with Indies Hindu background and sunset towards the end of Kecak Dance.

Barack Obama in Bali, Obama holiday in Bali, Jokowi, Bali, holiday in Bali, surfing in Bali, Michel Obama
Surfing in Bali. Image:
After vacationing in Bali, Obama and family will continue their journey to Central Java for several days, but with shorter visits than in Bali. From Central Java Obama will meet President Jokowi's invitation to chat casually as a good friend, while having lunch at Bogor Palace, West Java. For you to know, Obama had enjoyed a childhood in Indonesia.
Obama (left) and Jokowi (center). Image:
President Jokowi met several times with Obama, both at the White House and at other important state meetings. Jokowi invites Obama to Indonesia as a good friend, and at the same time makes Obama easier to reminisce about his childhood in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. They become familiar because they share common views such as the environment, climate change and social welfare and build millennial generations to welcome the future.

Maybe Obama will be nostalgic with Jokowi while drinking coffee and traditional Indonesian cakes like Getuk, after eating Chicken Satay or Fried Rice and Meatballs. Obama once attended a public elementary school in Menteng, Jakarta, not far from Bogor. 

The 44th President of the United States still remembers some Indonesian words and sentences. However, who knows actually Obama is still fluent in Indonesian. Not just a holiday, Obama will be the keynote speaker at the Indonesian Diaspora meeting in Jakarta.